Employees are an important asset to every company.  DBI’s Ergonomic consultants focus on improving workstation efficiency and comfort to ensure increased job satisfaction and productivity.  Whether proactive (pre-claim) or reactive (post-claim), good ergonomic design can significantly reduce claim costs.

Our Consultants are available to assist you be conducting evaluations, providing recommendations, and aiding in the identification and procurement of ergonomic products.  Our comprehensive Ergonomic Assessment Report will provide an effective tool for the prevention of future work-related injuries.  Additionally, our Consultants are available to provide Ergonomics Training to employers and insurance professionals. Heightened awareness of good ergonomic practices is an important first step in the prevention of injuries

Ergo Tip:

  1. Move and tilt your monitor to help reduce screen glare
  2. Move the monitor arm to improve viewing distance (not too close or too far)
  3. Easily reposition the monitor to share information with a co-worker
  4. Improve your posture by positioning the main screen directly in front of you and the secondary screen off to the side at an angle
  5. If using two monitors equally, center them directly in front of you and angle them in a slight inward “V” shape

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